4th International Conference on Bridges (4IBC2015)

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  Conference Topics
  1- Standards and codes on bridges loading and earthquake effects (ST)
  2- Bridge analysis and design (AN)
  3- Bridge inspection and preservation (VT)
  4- Performance based design in bridge (AS)
  5- Bridge construction and replacement (LI)
  6- Safety assessment and life cycle costs of bridges (SE)
  7- Methods of repair and strengthening of bridges (MA)
  8- Bridge maintenance and health monitoring (HM)
  9- Bridge management systems (BMS)
  10- Service life insurance and passive defense (EP)
  11- Damage detection ,rating and retrofit (DD)
  12- Bridge deck evaluation and rehabilitation (RE)
  13- Sustainability , durability and resilience (MS)
  14- Non-conventional materials and Technologies (NC)
  15- Innovations in bridge engineering (IN)
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